8 Spring Spruce-ups and Maintenance Chores for Your Home

Spring MaintenanceAfter a wet Washington winter, there are plenty of tasks to do to keep things in order around your home. A little routine maintenance will protect your investment and prevent more serious issues down the line.

Here are some basic “chores” for your spring to-do list:

  • Moss control: We see a lot of moss here, and the roofs do, too. Use a moss-killing spray or granules on your roof prior to a good rain. Three to four weeks later, gentle brushing should remove the dead moss and prolong the life of your roof. Please note that only gentle brushing after the moss is dead is advised!
  • Gutters: Make sure to clean them — lots of junk gets stuck there over the winter.
  • Caulking: Check the caulking around windows and doors, and replace any that is worn, cracked or pulled away. Too many homeowners don’t check this very often or at all, and figure out in a huge downpour that they have issues when the water makes its way inside.
  • Pressure-washing: Pressure-wash driveways, walkways, decks and patios to remove moss and winter sludge. Consider applying a concrete or asphalt sealer once cleaned to keep surfaces looking good and making them a little easier to maintain.
  • Window screens: Check window screens for holes and damage so you are ready to open the windows for some fresh spring and summer air.
  • AC/furnace maintenance: Consider a service or your furnace or AC unit to keep it in tip-top shape.
  • Basic pruning: Prune back any bushes or plants that are growing too close to the house or are up against it.
  • Wood structures: Check decks or wood structures for rot, repair and replace as needed, and apply paint or stain to protect them.

Once you have tackled these mostly easy tasks, your exterior will be looking good and ready for summer — and you will be able to relax and enjoy your outdoor space!