Remodeling with Timeless Designs Vs. Trends

Interior DesignStarting the process of a remodeling project is exhilarating, and also daunting. The excitement of having a space (or spaces) that will function for you and your family makes you daydream of many pages out of trendy magazines.

The reality is, you eventually have to pick one design that will work for your functionality, but also keep up with the trend of the times. Some of the best remodels have been the stereotypical ‘70s era styled homes, where Formica and large-print wallpaper were en-vogue. Transforming these spaces is radical. The hope is that with this new investment you are making, you won’t be playing “Name That Era” with your friends 10 years later.

Many homeowners use television reality shows as their resource for their own remodeling experience. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could renovate a home in 60 minutes? The reality is, a well-done remodeling project covers budget, design, planning, execution and evaluation.

With each of these steps, you need to revisit the big picture: What are we in this for? The excitement of reality shows gives the viewer the “before and after” and highlights what is trendy now, but any professional in the business knows that few trends don’t last.

This isn’t to nay-say the trend seekers or the new innovations that have happened due to trend, but it is focusing on what will work best for the ever-changing balance of timeless verses trendy.

We all want to keep up with trend. There are places where you can tweak trends without financially going into ruin: use of space, color choice, textures and lighting are top choices that can be easily switched out without breaking the bank.

Why not rethink that nook that is rarely used. Maybe grey is the new black? Why not change an accent wall to reflect the trend? Updating moldings throughout the house or maybe wainscoting the bathroom? Did you purchase your house with the original chandelier? Maybe an updated energy-efficient lighting system is just what your home needs.

Not all trends work for homeowners. But adding the right “pops” of updated style can refresh a home, making it on trend vs. trendy.

Knowing the right updates to embrace the decades of home ownership is the challenge. This is where you lean into your design team to give you the facts on where to put your money. The team will assist you in the planning and purchasing of materials and give you insight on what is trendy but also timeless. So your renovation dollars will stretch to withstand passing trends as they whisk through.

Let’s face it, not everybody should embrace orange glass block in their bathroom or an avocado kitchen. Here’s to grasping the perfect balance between timelessness vs. trendiness!

About the Author

A designer and project consultant at TN Miller Remodeling, Inga Fouquette has assisted in the renovations of kitchen remodels for TN Miller as well as her own home remodel. She was in the fashion industry for more than 20 years before settling into a new endeavor in the remodeling industry. Based in Grapeview, TN Miller is a design-build firm providing remodeling services to West Sound homeowners.