DIY or DI Don’t?

DIY RemodelDIY is so popular, there is a television network dedicated to it — and many, many other shows, books and stores that encourage and support it. It’s a trend that will only continue to grow, but there are a few things to know before deciding if DIY is right for you.

1. Can you make more money at work than you can save by doing the work? It’s a valid question, especially if it is not something you love to do.

2. Is there a safety risk in the work? Should you really take on wiring of your whole house or addition? Some jobs have a higher safety concern than others, so weigh the risks.

3. If the work fails, can it be easily fixed or does it have the potential to cause significant damage? Hiring a high-quality contractor or subcontractor can save you a lot down the road.

If you are not sure about how to install tile in a shower and the proper methods and process to waterproof, the damage can be significant. Reputable contractors and subs will provide warranties (which should be in writing) on their work and will be around to take care of any problems if they occur.

4. Is the work going to look like you DIY’d when you finish? It’s great to save money, and wonderful to have the satisfaction of a job well done. But if your skills aren’t up to snuff, you get to live with the result for a long time!

You can use this quick checklist to evaluate your next DIY — or DI Don’t — project. Happy Improving!