Three Key Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Contractor

ContractorWhether your project is big or small project and whether you’re building or remodeling, hiring a skilled and professional contractor is a big deal. When interviewing, there are many basic questions to ask.

There are some questions I rarely hear yet they should be of importance to help determine if that contractor is the right fit for you and your project:

1. How, and how often, do you communicate with your clients?

It’s helpful to know the communication channel the contractor prefers, and if you’ll be limited to email, once a week communication or meetings, and who will be the point of contact.

2. How many projects do you work on simultaneously during my project?

Along with this, you want to have an idea of staffing in their office so you can gauge if the staff is large enough to balance the number of jobs they take on.

3. Who supervises the work?

Some contractors use field supervisors and make occasional visits to the site. Others are very hands-on and are on your site daily. You might want to know in advance how that will work on your project.

No question, when politely posed, should be off limits. I often see clients who just want us to “tell them about our process” which is great, but they don’t have many questions to ask. Compile a list that gets ALL your concerns addressed up front!