How to Prepare for Back to School

Back To School GirlThe back-to-school season can be exciting, stressful and everything in between. A good start can influence children’s attitude, confidence and performance both socially and academically.

Whether you have a kindergartener or a teen in high school, here is practical advice on how to get the school year off to a good start. Before school starts :

  1. Schedule doctor and dental checkups early.
  2. Set up a school calendar, marking vacations, back-to-school nights and anything else you are aware of.
  3. Make copies of your children’s health and emergency information.
  4. Order or buy school supplies before school starts.
  5. Reestablish the bedtime and mealtime routines (especially breakfast) at least one week before school starts.
  6. Check/buy school clothes and at least one pair of sturdy shoes before school starts and break them in.
  7. Select a spot for keeping backpacks and lunch boxes.
  8. Designate a place for homework and one week before school, do some passive activities such as reading and puzzles to get in the mood and ease into the routine of doing homework. Turn off the TV during this prep time because TV and videogames are distracting. Establish an attitude that homework will be done and a time to do it.
  9. Get the children to bed on time! Start that one week before school and get up at the regular time when school is in session.
  10. Read together (your example reinforces the importance of literacy.)

Have a great school year!