Green — A Color that Works Well in Small Doses

GreenMany would claim green to be a favorite color, but usually that is an offshoot from true green or primary green.

Aqua greens, teals and that luscious totem green are popular for interior settings. Very pale green is considered soothing and often used to paint hospital walls.

Even true, bright, primary green and that seen-everywhere lime green are totally acceptable but with limits.

Green is a creature that works well in small doses. Here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, the color green is abundant everywhere. That may be a reason to keep the bulk of green outside and not over-bombard senses with the same intensity inside.

I did a green color study some years back — interviewing designers, florists, landscapers and painting everything in sight, from creating art to painting furniture. Interesting conclusions ensued.

That particular green was emotionally overwhelming in large amounts. Now, changing the value or shade just minimally did wonders for the psyche.

GreenI created a “grandma-kitchen-green,” a bit brighter than the Southwest faded door green. It was bright but more acceptable than primary green, as it was defused with yellow and a smidgen of black.

I painted a small table and hutch, as I was in the business of redoing and selling furniture at that time. That green I liked so much that the pieces found a forever home with me.

The overpowering green paintings that were part of the green-study: I shipped two of them to the art gallery that represented me in Tucson, Ariz. One sold the same day of its arrival.

It was pointed out to me that Arizona doesn’t have the massive green outside like we do, so green interior presentations are absolutely welcome.

It should be pointed out that primary green is very friendly, but like many close friends, you might not want them living with you or sleeping in your bedroom.

That green table and hutch I painted was a gorgeous, fun arrangement, but those green items and theme do not leave that small, designated sunroom area off the kitchen. If that green were scattered throughout the house, it would be frightening.