Choosing the Best Time of Year for a Remodel

When to remodelOn Jan. 2, the phones start to ring at our office.

People are done with the holidays and feeling the pinch of needing more space — so they want to remodel. When do they want to start? Oh yes, what we jokingly refer to as “opening day” – April 1.

Let’s face it. Spring is a good time to start. You have the spring and summer to work and be ready to occupy for the holidays. It’s a great concept, but in real life, there are many options for start dates.

Springtime is a really busy time. Ideally, you should get started three to four months ahead with the planning a design.

With revisions, permitting and other decisions, it can take that long. Good-quality contractors and their subcontractors will be busy because it’s the peak season.

Interior remodels offer the convenience of year-round starts with minimal issues, while a remodel that includes tearing off the roof to add a second story or expand requires more timing consideration.

Other projects that require only very brief exposure to elements can be timed easily and weather precautions can be taken.

Scheduling your remodel for the fall and winter can also help in ways you hadn’t thought about, like the availability of your contractor of choice.

Talk you your contractor about your scope of work, weather concerns and precautions that can be taken to ensure a problem-free project, even during more challenging weather months.