How to Choose the Right Table Lamp

How to Choose the Right Table LampA common question I hear regarding home décor is how to choose living-room table lamps so they are the correct height.

In most cases, tops of lampshades should be somewhere between 4 and 5 feet from the floor. A variation of 2 to 3 inches is acceptable.

If you also have a floor lamp — let’s say 52 inches high — use that as a guide. So, if a corner table is 22 inches high, then the lamp on it should be about 30 inches.

Each room should have at least four lamps, whether table lamps or floor lamps. Try to light the entire room evenly.

Don’t rely on lights in the ceiling. Use those when vacuuming. Use the others for everything else.

The light source needs to be where you are and at your level. Picture yourself spending a quiet evening, reading a book in your corner chair, while in a hotel meeting room with the ceiling covered with banks of fluorescents. It is not a relaxing atmosphere. Having a pleasant light near you is the best solution.