Noninvasive Technology Makes You Look Younger

Dr. Cole performing procedures on Kelle Kitchel-Cooper
Dr. Cole performing procedures on Kelle Kitchel-Cooper

As COVID-19 forced many people to work virtually, it became apparent that video conferencing was here to stay. But many people worry about how they appear on video.

That’s exactly how 50-year-old Kelle Kitchel-Cooper felt. She became increasingly self-conscious about her appearance on screen. The signs of aging that she’d been noticing were amplified in videoconferencing.

Cooper turned to plastic surgeon Eric Cole, MD, FACS. He and his team are known for being on-trend with the latest plastic surgery innovations and noninvasive procedures and are committed to delivering top results. Cole combines the procedures of Morpheus8, FACEtite and ACCUtite, all performed in one day at a fraction of the time needed for surgical procedures.

“After my initial consultation with Dr. Cole and his staff at Cole Aesthetics Center, I learned that the combination of progressive treatments could help me to look years younger without getting a traditional facelift or going under anesthesia. Exactly what I was looking for,” Cooper says. “The only downtime? Just a few hours for the procedures, which were painless and done without anesthesia.”

Kelle Kitchel-Cooper after
Kelle Kitchel-Cooper after

Cooper even drove herself home — and was back to Zoom meetings the following morning.

Morpheus8 uses fractionated energy, a scientific method that remodels, rebuilds and stimulates collagen production. It targets the deeper layers of the skin, which then reorganize themselves for a natural anti-aging process.

Considered the most advanced facial contouring and refining technique, FACEtite is a good solution for someone not yet needing a traditional facelift and without large scars or downtime. This method results in dramatic improvements in skin elasticity on the face and neck, areas previously only treatable through a surgical facelift.

ACCUtite applies radio-frequency contraction, preventing the need for more invasive or excisional surgery. Because of its size, it is able the reach places with pinpoint accuracy, successfully treating saggy skin and excess fat. Common areas include the nasolabial folds, lower eyelid area, lower face, and neck. ACCUtite can also be used on the body.

“I’m looking forward to my next session, where Dr. Cole will focus on abdomen etching, upper arms, inner thighs and knees,” Cooper says.

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